Summer buffet

I am helping my mother throw a summer buffet for her friends. She really wants to include a beef tenderloin with little rolls and shrimp remoulade. She also only wants to use a fork. Any suggestions for the sides that I can prepare?

Robin O'D


savorthis May 28, 2013
I make a version of this cous cous dish with all varieties of grains and herbs. It is flavorful and filling and would be great with steak or shrimp:
ATG117 May 27, 2013
a quinoa or israeli couscous salad might be great. Some type of slaw or maybe a tomato salad (we had great tomatoes at the farmers market this week).
Cosmas B. May 27, 2013
Tenderloin is a flavorless cut of meat, Tender juicy expensive but flavorless. Invest your time in a robust sauce, and subtle side dishes that don't compete with the meat. Also the tenderloin without a knife??? Maybe some lamb chops would make more sense? If you insist on the tenderloin try some roasted baby youkon potatoes, with lemon and fresh herbs, asparagus with a light hollandaise? vegetables in general on the grill are great for this time of year
dymnyno May 27, 2013
There are some great corn salads on food52.
ZombieCupcake May 26, 2013 fruit salad would be great for a warm day or spinach pesto with feta
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 26, 2013
A crunchy, vinegar slaw may be nice or I posted this recipe that packs a lot of flavor
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