Anyone know where I can buy long peppercorns? I am in Dallas

Rachel Gaffney


susan G. May 27, 2013
If you haven't found them in food stores, check a natural food store that sells vitamins. Nutraceutical, the parent company of Solaray and other brands, carries them, and a store that has any of their other products could order them for you.
Rachel G. May 27, 2013
I found them in Whole Foods... Pretty painless really ! thanks a million for taking the time to answer here. I love source , people are so incredibly helpful.
Dona May 26, 2013
Have you checked Penzey's on Preston road?
Rachel G. May 27, 2013
No... I have not.. totally forgot about that store ! Thank you !
sdebrango May 26, 2013
If you can't find them in a store in Dallas you can order online here: thats where I get them.
Rachel G. May 27, 2013
Thank you. Bookmarking Marxfoods. Thank you so very much Suzanne. Lovely to meet you here.
calendargirl May 27, 2013
This is a new source for me, thanks so much for the link! Have just been happily perusing the site.
Greenstuff May 26, 2013
The ones I have are from Frontier co-op, Maybe that will help? What are you using them in?
Rachel G. May 27, 2013
Hi there. I love getting new sources from people. Thanks a million. I made a strawberry, lime syrup with long peppercorns. Then I used them to make a rub for my beef !
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