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My frozen choc. chip cookie dough is coming out a bit dry when baked. Its my gift to my daughter in law and I'm panicked. Any suggestions for the dough at this point?

  • Posted by: sawbones
  • November 25, 2010


sawbones November 25, 2010
Great, I did that also and they look fine! thanks so much.
Savorykitchen November 25, 2010
Also - don't know what temp you're cooking at, but you might try increasing temp by 25 (350 to 375 for instance) and dropping cook time by 2 min or so. Keeps the center soft while the exterior gets crunchy.
sawbones November 25, 2010
Thanks you , I haven't done that!!!
Amanda H. November 25, 2010
Have you tried taking them out of the oven a minute or two earlier?
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