Bacon Bits

I just made these awesome bacon bits. They came perfect, but I am not sure if I should store them overnight in the refrigerator, or leave them out in a quart container over night. Any thoughts?

James Durazzo


ChefJune June 10, 2013
In the winter you could probably keep them on your counter, but in the summer I'd be worried they'd attract insects and worse.
Antonio A. June 9, 2013
Add in vodka for Bloody Mary
bigpan June 8, 2013
I would put in a zip lock bag in the fridge. You can even freeze if you want.
Definitely store in the refrigerator. Bacon can become rancid very quickly, especially when left in a warm kitchen during the summer. I won't even go into insects that would also find bacon bits delicious and oh dear, rats!
WileyP June 8, 2013
When I get done frying up some bacon bits (I dice 5 or 6 slices of frozen bacon and then fry them), I set them in a little bowl with a paper towel folded in the bottom. I leave them next to the stove to nibble on or toss into something I'm cooking. I don't have any problem leaving them there for a week, though they generally don't last that long!
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