I cooked bacon two nights ago and saved the drippings. They are currently being stored in the refrigerator. How long will the drippings keep?

Nell Tice


Nell T. September 28, 2013
Thanks to all!
Maedl September 28, 2013
When I was growing up, we had a drippings jar in the refrigerator and it kept forever. Mom used it constantly and I am still living, with no ill effects.
ChefJune September 27, 2013
Bacon drippings would keep forever if you leave them around that long. The question is: Why wouldn't you use them for any and everything? :)
willow101 September 27, 2013
I'd say a month, if not a few weeks in fridge, and longer if frozen.
Greenstuff September 27, 2013
Way longer than a month, in case you're not Pegreen's grandmother! I just cleared some out of my refrigerator that were closer to a year old and still didn't smell rancid. People used to keep them "forever" next to the stove.
Pegeen September 27, 2013
For a month, in a cold part of your fridge. Save in a jar with a tight lid. My grandmother would ask, "why in God's name would you have any leftover a month later?" :-) When you use some, scoop out with a spoon and put the jar back in the fridge right away. Don't let the whole jar come to room temp, take only a little out, then put the rest back in the fridge. When you bring it to room temp and open the jar, you're exposing it to more bacteria. As always, the smell test is excellent. If it doesn't smell right, it isn't.
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