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I just moved into a super small apartment with a limited kitchen, with no oven. So I went and bought a convection oven (KitchenAid brand). Any tips from the group on cooking with one? I read I should reduce the temperatures by about 25 degrees and shorten the cooking time?

  • Posted by: ErinC
  • June 10, 2013


irinaleibo June 10, 2013
First time I ever used one I cooked a small turkey in an hour.
By accident! LOL Ours is conventional AND convection and I hit the wrong button.
Read the manual! LOL
HalfPint June 10, 2013
We have one of these toaster ovens with convection, though not a KitchenAid. I love it. It replaced the toaster, does very good job of cooking smaller portions of food (when you don't need or want to turn on a big oven). My sister has the Cuisinart one and she's cooked almost everything in it, even baked blue berry muffins. I've baked lasagna in mine. The trick is to find pans that will fit in it. I'm pretty sure you can fit an 8" cake pan in these ovens and do some baked goods. Haven't tried making bread...yet.
AntoniaJames June 10, 2013
If you reduce the temperature by 25 degrees, you should not need to reduce the cooking time. What does the manual say? I strongly recommend getting to know the manual very well, and also, don't hesitate to call the customer support team at KitchenAid, whenever you have a question. I have a convection oven, though not a KitchenAid one. I'll let others who actually have them confirm one way or the other on this. ;o)
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