I don't have a grill or a grill pan ... can I cook these in the oven? Are there changes I should make to account for the cooking method?

  • Posted by: za'atar
  • June 11, 2013
Alabama-Style Chicken Kebabs
Recipe question for: Alabama-Style Chicken Kebabs


ChefJune June 11, 2013
A grill pan is just a skillet with ridges. I'd do the kebabs in a regular, large skillet on top the stove. You want to be sure to brown all the sides. I haven't made this recipe, but I've done kebabs stove-top w/o a grill pan...
William W. June 11, 2013
I don't think so, except that towards the end, you'd want to broil them.
I think that these would be good in a skillet as well. I would just sear them on all sides.
This sauce is good enough that you could put it on anything. As long as the chicken is fully cooked, just dip it!
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