Editing a recipe...

When I try to edit, I type in the revisions, then hit 'publish' again (no 'save edit' or anything like that pops up.) None of the edits are saved. Have tried several times....am I missing something?



dymnyno June 12, 2013
There is a time delay...same for adding pictures. Have some trust or you will end up with too many entries of the same recipe!
drbabs June 12, 2013
There is a time delay. Check in a few minutes and the second edit will be there.
amysarah June 12, 2013
Got it. Thanks for the intel!
amysarah June 12, 2013
Ok, right after posting this question, I checked back and the edits I made earlier on the recipe appear now. Tried to make one more and nada. Maybe there's a time delay? Weird...
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