Need suggestions on what to serve with cashew chicken.

  • Posted by: Adianne
  • June 12, 2013


amysarah June 12, 2013
Stir fried Chinese broccoli is one of my favorites. It's often done with oyster sauce, but I also do it with just garlic, ginger and a little hot pepper sesame oil too. Sort of the Asian cousin of broccoli rabe. Coconut rice is delicious, as suggested above - it's one of my vices! Coconut, cashews and stir fried greens sound like a pretty perfect trifecta to me.
Faith D. June 12, 2013
My current favorite side dish for stir-fry is pea tendrils. These can be found at the Asian grocery, and they're super tender, with a faint taste of fresh peas. The other night I made a chicken stir-fry for dinner, then quickly wiped out my wok and stir-fried the pea tendrils too. Tasty!
healthierkitchen June 12, 2013
Great idea - love pea shoots! I also like baby bok choy or Chinese broccoli.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 12, 2013
I usually add enough veggies that brown rice works well as a side. However, an Asian slaw or garlic spinach with rice or lettuce cups to wrap would be a good addition.
Monita June 12, 2013
How about toasted coconut rice. This is one of my favorite recipes
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