Good burger cheese

What is a good burger cheese to use

  • Posted by: Nan
  • June 12, 2013


WileyP June 14, 2013
Depends on what else you are going to put on or near the burger. Every cheese listed thus far is a good one to use. Here in New Mexico, though, it's good ol' American cheese on our classic green chile cheeseburgers!
petitbleu June 12, 2013
I love how many responses there are to this question--it really struck a chord! We love blue cheese--the stronger the better--good cheddar, or gruyere on burgers.
bigpan June 12, 2013
One word answer - Stilton.
Put a chunk inside the patties and let it melt in.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 12, 2013
I've been looking for fresh cheese curds for years in CT. I survive however with a decent indulgence of home made fries with brown gravy or back in NY at the diner.. Grew up with it and once I tasted all the fun variations in Montreal and Quebec, I was so happy!
amysarah June 12, 2013
You can buy them at Murray's, if you get into the city or online: But it also occurs to me that since there's a lot of cheese made in NY state (cheddar, etc.) like WI, there ought to be some local ones too (?) Sorry so off topic....hooray for cheeseburgers!
ChefJune June 12, 2013
Really good blue cheese is my favorite for burgers, unless I've got Comte, or Humboldt Fog. the best burger cheese is the one YOU like best. And actually, my favorite burgers are cheeseless!
darksideofthespoon June 12, 2013
Never heard of deep fried curds! I love them smothered over a burger, they partially melt and still have a really nice texture. Poutine is amazing, if you haven't tried it & have access to curds - do give it a go!
amysarah June 12, 2013
Yes, I've had the pleasure of Poutine, in Montreal actually. But deep fried are pretty ubiquitous in WI - bar food, like deep fried mozzarella or zucchini, but squeakier. They soften up in the middle, but never get totally melty.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 12, 2013
Agree with preference, I enjoy Land of Lakes White American sliced at the deli counter.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 12, 2013
Jealous of the cheese curds. Miss poutine!
darksideofthespoon June 12, 2013
Cheese curds for us. Squeaky quebec cheese curds.
amysarah June 12, 2013
Interesting. The cheese curds I've eaten don't melt (like Haloumi.) But my experience with them wasn't poutine in Quebec, but in Wisconsin where you eat them deep fried with a beer, usually in a bar (with the Badgers on TV.)
amysarah June 12, 2013
Blue cheese is my hands down favorite too. But we make guac burgers a lot in the summer (exactly what it sounds like) - for that, it's got to be cheddar.
Pegeen June 12, 2013
Blue cheese... make a big indent with your thumb, press in a hunk of blue cheese and mold the burger around it.
hardlikearmour June 12, 2013
I'm a huge blue cheese on burgers fan!! It's all melty and tangy, and deeeelicious.
sdebrango June 12, 2013
Love blue cheese on burgers!!
pierino June 12, 2013
At the upper end of the cheese scale, a really good cheddar, stilton or Spanish valdeon.
Guilty pleasure category; Kraft Singles are a really good melting cheese. You are not going to get a big cheese spike in flavor but it works.
aargersi June 12, 2013
depends on the burger I think - cheddar, blue cheese, I am super fond of spring pecorino ... what ever cheese YOU like is a good cheese for a burger!
HalfPint June 12, 2013

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Monita June 12, 2013
Cheddar is a really good cheese for a burger
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