What can I use in place of molasses ?

Maryellen Pearson


mensaque June 14, 2013
you could make a syrup out of brown sugar.
rt21 June 14, 2013
Lyes also makes another product called 'treacle' it has the same consistency and color as molasses if not darker
Maedl June 14, 2013
You could probably substitute any thick, liquid sweeter--even Aunt Jemina's or the dreaded corn syrup--BUT you will not get the dark color and the flavor will not be as rich. Sorghum would be the best substitute to retain color and flavor. Barley syrup might be a good choice--and there is alway's Lyle's Golden Syrup.
Sam1148 June 13, 2013
Maple Syrup.
boulangere June 13, 2013
I often sub honey for molasses.
HalfPint June 13, 2013
What are you making?
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