substitute molasses for maple syrup

I have some molasses I want to use up and I have a cookie recipe that calls for maple syrup. Can I and how, can I substitute molasses in the recipe? Thanks!

Catherine Bates


Maedl November 29, 2016
I would definitely choose a different recipe--ginger snaps, as was already suggested, perhaps a pumpkin muffin or ginger cake, or even baked beans. I wouldn’t try to substitute it for maple syrup. If you don’t have that much, I like molasses on bread with butter.
AntoniaJames November 29, 2016
Molasses also has a fair bit of acid in it, which will interact with the leavening agents in the recipe. I would just look for a good molasses cookie, or ginger cookie recipe with molasses in it. There are several here on Food52. ;o)
drbabs November 29, 2016
Good thinking, AJ! I hadn't thought of that.
Smaug November 29, 2016
I would go ahead and say no-there's no one to stop you from doing it, but it would be a really radical departure, and cookies that use maple syrup are (in my experience) pretty specifically going for that flavor.
drbabs November 29, 2016
You can, but it will (obviously) change the taste, add bitterness, and be less sweet. How much maple syrup is in the recipe? Is there sugar also?
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