burnt popcorn

any tips on removing the smell of burnt popcorn in your house, besides keeping the windows open? Mrs. Larkin's kitchen wisdom: don't start popcorn when there's an ems call at your neighbor's house.



Tony S. June 18, 2013
Whenever my microwave is dirty, I fill a bowl full of water and add tons of lemon slices then microwave it for 4-5 minutes. Let the bowl sit in the closed microwave for 10 minutes, then wipe off with paper towels. You could add cinnamon or something aromatic to disperse the smell through the house.
bigpan June 18, 2013
I recall reading a very sexist World War 2 cookbook where it suggested when the haried housewife was late in making dinner, start to saute some onions - when hubby comes home from his hard day in the office he will smell the onions and look forward to dinner while he relaxes...don't forget to have his slippers, newspaper, pipe and glass of scotch ready.
ChefJune June 18, 2013
I'm making a note of that cinnamon and orange. For when I have one of these disasters..... (#onlyamatteroftime)
boulangere June 17, 2013
I burned the **** out of chocolate in the microwave about a year ago. Burning tires smell better. Simmering some orange slices with cinnamon will de-scent the house nicely. Suzanne's advice on cleaning the microwave works like a charm.
sdebrango June 17, 2013
Cinnamon and orange simmer, bet that smells delicious!! I can just imagine what the burnt chocolate smelled like.
sdebrango June 17, 2013
I've burnt popcorn in the microwave and the smell is awful, windows open, fans running, scented candles, air freshener, fabric freshener, cleaned my microwave with baking soda and lemon. I feel your pain.
mrslarkin June 17, 2013
Good idea! Will try that when my ribs are done roasting. Thank u ZC!
ZombieCupcake June 17, 2013
after using your oven to cook something, if you plain doing it today throw keep the oven on and put a cinnamon stick in there and let roast
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