I am making soup with chicken stock white wine, chicken, portobello mushrooms, baby kale and Parmesan. I can't find baby kale. What could I s

What is a good substitute or where do you find baby Kale ?

  • Posted by: pema21
  • June 18, 2013


pema21 June 21, 2013
I wanted to let you all know, I used dandelion greens, and it was great! Thank you for your suggestions!
amysarah June 18, 2013
I do a soup with chicken stock, parm (actually, parm whisked with egg, used to form stracciatella, sort of Italian egg drops) and escarole, cut into strips - I'd think you could sub that for the kale here too.
pierino June 18, 2013
Escarole definitely goes well with chicken stock and parmigiano.
ChefJune June 18, 2013
Baby kale is just very young kale. You may find it in your grocer's produce section. You could substitute spinach or swiss chard if you cannot find young kale.
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