any suggestions for what to do with 750mL of verjus? internet gives some chicken/lamb braising options, curious about others...

my mother bought the bottle a while ago by accident and just gave it to me (she thought it was nice white grape juice, i think)... not sure where i would be able to get more if needed, so i'd prefer something interesting on strong recommendation :) anyone? thanks!

Rebecca Vitale


Rebecca V. June 18, 2013
thanks all! i know it's really acidic and am trying to think of something besides poaching. but maybe i'll use part of it for that. maybe a verjus-mint granita? found an inspiring recipe on whatscookinginamerica... or in pickling/preserving... more those veins
sdebrango June 18, 2013
Here is a great article on using verjus it contains all the answers above plus some other uses.
dymnyno June 18, 2013
Use it in place of any acid, like lemon, lime, vinegar.
dymnyno June 18, 2013
It makes a great vinaigrette without the harshness of vinegar and doesn't clash with whatever wine you are serving.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 18, 2013
Try using it to poach a fish or chicken breast.
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