is there a use for fig leaves?

I have access while on vacation to a fig tree; I remember reading they can be used in cooking (stuffed?). How can they be used?



Mi B. June 21, 2013
It is a sweet preparation. I have no idea how it will work with pickle green papaya.
Midge June 21, 2013
Would love to hear how you use them creamtea.
creamtea June 20, 2013
thanks for the idea, Todie. Is this a tart preparation or a sweet preserve? Coincidentally, at the airport I happened to buy a magazine that included a recipe for green papaya pickle; the fig leaves made it back home with me in good condition and ready to use.
Mi B. June 20, 2013
My mom uses it to favor food, like an herb. She makes green papaya preserve and she always puts a whole fig leave in the pot which she lays discard when it is done. It gives a nice flavor!
jsdunbar June 20, 2013
I presume you mean besides the obvious traditional use of the fig leaf!
creamtea June 20, 2013
I was afraid I'd raise a few eyebrows with my query.... :)
Tony S. June 19, 2013
You can use them like banana leaves as well- wrap around fish for grilling or steaming.
creamtea June 20, 2013
Very interesting! Thank you for the idea. Looks like I will have a difficult decision ahead as to how to use them!
Louisa S. June 19, 2013
You can make stuffed fig leaves - just like stuffed grape leaves, aka dolmas. Here's one recipe:
creamtea June 20, 2013
Thank you! my daughter and I picked several and brought them back on the plane.
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