Good gelato recipes

Hey guys, I'm looking for sources (online/cookbooks/whatever) for gelato. I'm open to any recipes, but I'd really love one for gelato with blueberries swirled in (or maybe a good base recipe that would allow me to experiment by mixing in blueberries). Any ideas?



biggies M. June 23, 2013
Try David lebovitz' website, he has a number of good recipes. I usually make the chocolate and add peanut butter to it.
pierino June 22, 2013
What you will want to do is to puree those blueberries. Gelato is smooth and creamy, you don't get bits of whole fruit as with American ice creams. Once you've liquified the berries, strain them to remove any skins. As with all custard based gelato you have to balance the liquid to the eggs and cream. You might find it easier to make a blueberry sorbet instead.
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