Anyone know what will happen if I try to bake flourless chocolate cake cupcakes with a healthy dollop of whipped cream inside??

Whipped cream inside flourless chocolate cake??



creamtea February 22, 2016
I have a similar recipe for cupcakes that uses a mix of cream cheese, eggs and chocolate chips for the creamy center, with a quick "chocolate whacky-cake" batter. You fill the cupcake tins, then put in a spoonful of the cream cheese mixture before baking. Delicious.
Susan W. February 22, 2016
A little boy, that I used to give riding lessons to in England, brought me a box of these on his last day before I came home. His mom gave me the recipe and I still make them a couple times a year. Nice memories. :)
Smaug February 22, 2016
Kinda sorta relevantly, there was a cake I made a few times years ago that used whipped cream as leavening; best I remember, it was folded into the batter, which presumably had enough structure to hold up once it started cooking.
rt21 February 22, 2016
Or add a frozen chocolate truffle as a filling , won't be too runny when baked
ChefJune February 22, 2016
You should add the cream after the cake comes from the oven. If you want to bake in a filling, try mascarpone instead of whipped cream. That still may run a bit, but it has a chance of holding its shape some.
Smaug February 22, 2016
You'll get a mess- the cream won't hold up to heat. Generally filled cakes and pastries are filled after baking.
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