white chocolate cake

Baking geniuses is there a scientific reason why I couldn't make this cake with white chocolate? http://food52.com/recipes... Aside from the possibility of cloying sweetness



PieceOfLayerCake May 13, 2015
The cocoa solids in chocolate affect its ability to set, which is why dark chocolate often has a stronger snap to it than milk and white (that, and proper tempering). In many cake recipes, the chocolate content is responsible for the final texture and structure. White chocolate, which is pretty much pure fat and sugar, doesn't have enough heft to carry other ingredients.
Aliwaks May 13, 2015
Thank you! that's what I was wondering, I wanted some thing that would have the creamy truffle texture without going cheesecake, and make it gluten free without using nuts- but it may have to become a marscapone cheescake
Stephanie May 12, 2015
Hmm...I'm certainly not a baking genius and I haven't made your cake recipe. But, I think Alice Medrich qualifies as a baking genius. Here's what she has to say... https://food52.com/blog/8664-the-case-for-white-chocolate-alice-s-3-rules-for-success

But, as long as it's just a trial run and you're not counting on the cake to turn out, why not try it! I'd be interested to hear how it turns out, if you do.
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