Alternatives to bleached all purposed flour?

I'm interested in limiting the amount of refined carbs in my diet. I enjoy baking and usually use bleached all purpose flour. After reading "In Defense of Food" it seems like this is a poor choice for my overall health and diet. If you're trying to use whole grain flour, what would you use in place of all purpose when baking cookies, quick breads, etc. Is there a simple alternative?

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1 Comment

HalfPint July 2, 2013
I only use unbleached all purpose flour. Newer recipes are written and tested using only unbleached AP flour.

That said, there isn't a simple alternative for baked goods like cakes where the tender light texture come from the refined flour. Baked goods of the sturdier nature, like cookies & brownies, aren't as texturally impacted as cakes. I know that I can substitute whole wheat pastry flour in cookie and brownie recipes and get results similar to AP flour. But if I want a light, tender cake I stick with either the AP flour or cake flour. With baked goods, seek recipes designed for whole grain flour. You can't swap out ingredients and expect good results, especially with cake recipes.
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