Grapes Galore!

We're still in Islamabad, and a professional contact in the city has a lovely habit of sending us boxes of fruit. About 10 pounds of grapes arrived last night, 8 hours after the packers left with my food mill. I'm at a complete loss on what to do with the grapes, short of giving them to the guards, the gardener and the housekeeper (which is not a bad choice.) The grapes are small and green, with some turning purplish. They're rather tart, and not the best for snacking. Thoughts most welcome!



susan G. July 8, 2013
Movers? If you have a working kitchen, there are shrub recipes from hardlikearmour that I have made with grapes -- a refreshing drink for hot climates! And pistachiodoughnut has a chutney made with grapes. Actually, there was a contest for grape recipes!
Melusine July 8, 2013
I love this site, and I love the suggestions. Rachel, please share the recipe!
Rachel G. July 7, 2013
I make blue cheese grapes with toasted walnuts and/or toasted almonds. If you would like the recipe, I'm happy to share
Rebecca V. July 6, 2013
pickled grapes are tasty and pretty for gifting
Martin E. July 6, 2013
If the are seedless, try making them into a chutney by spicing them (maybe some cumin, some caramelized onion) and stewing them. A handful of fresh herbs (cilantro, especially) would be a good idea.
Or, use them as you would a bottle of Verjus. Rather than vinegar, which will spoil the taste of wine (if you can get it in Islamabad...), use these tart grapes to brighten the flavor of a braise. Plus, the natural meatiness of grapes will add to the richness.
andrea L. July 6, 2013
Grape juice/jelly?
Perhaps a grape galette:
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