I grew up cooking with gooseberries in Ireland. Has anyone managed to buy them here in the States?

Anyone have any resources for gooseberries?
Thank You

Rachel Gaffney


Kenzi W. July 11, 2013
Thought I would throw this into the mix: http://food52.com/blog/7173-gooseberry-a-forgotten-fruit

Also, we're seeing them at farmers markets in New York City now!
ATL July 9, 2013
They also grow in the Midwest but except for people's gardens, I've only seen them at farmer's markets. A regional favorite in rural areas is gooseberry pie. Be prepared to remove lots and lots of little prickly things.
susan G. July 8, 2013
In Dallas, if you have a Whole Foods, ask the produce department if they could order some for you -- you'd probably have to get a flat (like other berries are shipped in). ...Or other grocery or produce stores might help.
Pegeen July 8, 2013
If it's hard to source gooseberries locally or online, fresh currants are often a good substitute, more available.
boulangere July 7, 2013
I love jeinde's suggestion to grow your own. Where I lived in Northern California they grew wild and abundantly. Friends would harvest them from surrounding low-lying areas verging upon coniferous forests and make jam from them.
Rebecca V. July 7, 2013
i just bought a pint at the greenmarket in nyc! thinking hard about what to do with them... what did you usually do with them in ireland? good luck finding!
Rachel G. July 8, 2013
Oh gosh, where do I begin ! My grandaunt used to grow them and I used to pick and eat them. Horrible raw ! Bitter. I made gooseberry crumble, gooseberry tart, gooseberry jam, gooseberry & elderflower preserve, gooseberry ice cream and my favorite... Gooseberry Fool. I am getting some sent to make jams and some of the above ! Nice to meet you.
Rebecca V. July 8, 2013
FYI bought more at another greenmarket today... for reference, nyc price is ~$8/quart
Rebecca V. July 8, 2013
just saw your response!! sorry i missed it before i responded again.... those sound fantastic. i think i will try the gooseberry and elderflower preserve. thanks!
jeinde July 7, 2013
You might want to try growing them. Miller Nursery in Canaandaigua NY sells them and per their catalogue they are OK in your zone 8. I grow them in hot and humid DE with no problem. Just harvested the last of my crop.
Rachel G. July 8, 2013
Thank you so very much. I really appreciate this a lot. I am doing this for sentimental reasons ! Helps when I get a little homesick from time to time!
Rachel G. July 8, 2013
Thanks a million. I'm going to try.
petitbleu July 7, 2013
They're all over the place in the Pacific NW. I've been able to find them at farmer's markets and some supermarkets. However, when I lived in the South, I had never seen a gooseberry, so it might make a big difference where you are.
Rachel G. July 7, 2013
Yes...they really are a fruit that loves a temperate climate, that's why I'm looking for an online resource... Lucky you
Alana U. July 7, 2013
I have seen them at farmers markets and pick your own fruit farms.
creamtea July 7, 2013
I've seen them at farmer's markets in NYC; possibly also at Whole Foods Market.
Greenstuff July 7, 2013
You don't say where you are, but yes, I've seen them occasionally in both the East and the West. I've also grown them. They were pretty problem-free.
Rachel G. July 7, 2013
Thank you. I live in Dallas,so not something I can get here. Looking for resource online to see if I can get them shipped.
Amanda H. July 7, 2013
Sorry, by mistake I deleted the answer from Monita, one of our members. She said: I've seen them at Manhattan Fruit in Chelsea Market in NYC. Online you can check sidwainer.com
Rachel G. July 7, 2013
Thank you I will check them out
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