Sautéed potatoes and dried rosemary?

Is it possible to make sautéed potatoes with dried rosemary, or is fresh the only way to go? I'm worried that dried rosemary will end up too brittle.



lizzyinthekitchen July 8, 2013
If you use dried, just wait a little longer to put it in the pan and it shouldn't get the burned "stick-like" quality as much.
pierino July 8, 2013
Fresh is definitely preferred. If you are using dried you might want to run it through a spice grinder. Possibly you could add another dried herb to the grind, like maybe fennel seed.
andrea L. July 8, 2013
If you don't have fresh rosemary just use the dried. It shouldn't be brittle since potatoes take a while to cool through.
JanetFL July 7, 2013
I fall into the camp of preferring fresh rosemary. Prefer the softer texture and am fortunate to be able to grow fresh. I would probably substitute another fresh herb if I could not get my hands on fresh rosemary.
Monita July 7, 2013
I've done it both ways and in either case the rosemary gets a little hard/burned. But they both taste good so if you only have dried - use dried
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