Pork sirloin tri tip. What is it and how do I cook it?

I got some pork sirloin tri tip from Costco bur now I am unsure as to the best way to cook it. Any ideas? Also, what sides would work best with it?

  • Posted by: karen06
  • July 16, 2013


pierino July 16, 2013
If it's only 1 1b I would go, I think, with the outdoor grill method---again, indirect heat. But now I'm thinking maybe a Korean style Bo Ssam which would be pork that is first braised and then finished on the grill. You would need access to Korean ingredients though.
pierino July 16, 2013
Frankly I've never of pork being butchered that way---and I live in tri tip country. The beef equivalent usually weighs about 3 to 4 pounds. It's narrow at one end and wide at the other. With pork I would think about oven roasting it or else grilling it slowly over wood coals using the indirect method. For the latter just rub it down with salt, pepper and rosemary. It also might make a nice porchetta.
karen06 July 16, 2013
First time I saw it too. We love tri tip so I bought it. But given that it is pork and about 1 lb. i am not sure I can avoid overcooking. But if there is a way to cook it well, I just discovered a new pirk cut!!! Thanks for your response.
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