Yellow zucchini

Our CSA gave us yellow zucchini this week. We treated it like green zucchini and threw it on the grill. It was inedible. Super bitter and the skin was too rind-y too chew, if that makes sense. What should I do differently next time (besides peel the squash)?



petitbleu July 23, 2013
Was it oblong like zucchini or a slightly different shape? Some of the pattypan varieties are tougher and require longer cooking. It could also have been a lemon cucumber--they're yellow and round to oblong shaped.
MTMitchell July 21, 2013
We got lots of other goodness in our basket, so that's good, and I suspect it was older squash. It was longer than 8 inches. And I questioned the classification too. Dug the "here's what you got" sheet out of the garbage to double check. Now I know for next time -- peel it and maybe salt it.
ATG117 July 21, 2013
This may be a silly question, but are you sure it's yellow zucchini and not some other type of squash?
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