Is it safe to have milk after eating onions

In my culture often it is said it's not safe. To have milk with or after onions ,it may cause skin problems,could someone please tell me if this is true or jut a myth?

  • Posted by: Kanks
  • July 24, 2013


Sunita P. August 2, 2020
I don't know but , in my culture, it is not allowed
creamtea December 20, 2018
In Western medicine, no, not considered unhealthy. Otherwise there'd be no ranch dressing. The older generation in my family believed milk with fruit was unhealthy. Don't know why they ate berries with sour cream with gusto though.

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PieceOfLayerCake July 12, 2017
This keeps popping up on here and I can't help but laugh at how silly it is.
Dushyant D. July 12, 2017
i got skin problem following or not...but according to ayurveda it is visam ahar
Dev S. May 11, 2020
True,,,one should not eat Onion with Milk.
Paras S. April 30, 2017
no its not myth it's true to have milk with or after onion it may cause skin problems, a white patches shown over skin it's true bcoz it's happen with me
Aaditya S. May 6, 2016
Yup, they shouldn't be taken together, otherwise onion losees its benefits for sure, and milk can actually do harm in suspectable ppl in this combo. Intact water too should be restricted with onion intake, till it is assimilated. Raw onion with lime is quite good. Oil is also compatible with onion. Raw onion-lemon combo delays cataract and skin aging, and helps in coping with joint inflammation. But water intake should be kept to minimal till it is assimilated from small intestine (~2-2.5hours)
scruz October 10, 2015
are you in danger of exploding? haha. in my in-laws family it was cherries and milk. so finally i innocently asked about their cherry pie a la mode.
meghna October 10, 2015
50% of people in india consume direct or indirectly milk and onion together .. as for eg north indian cuisine . If it would be true then all would have been suffering from skin disease more specifically white patches on skin.
its definetely a MYTH . it causes due to some infection or its genetic . nothing to do with this combination .
Sagar A. December 20, 2018
It's not a myth. Raw onion are harmfull with milk
Sagar A. December 20, 2018
It's not a myth. Raw onion are harmfull with milk
QueenSashy July 27, 2013
Not the best combo to consume if you have stomach acid, otherwise you are safe...
pierino July 26, 2013
It's not safe if you are a canine, otherwise...
Bill F. July 26, 2013
Why wouldn't it be?
WileyP July 24, 2013
I started having milk and onions together at mealtime back when Truman was president, and the only problem I've had is that I no longer have quite so much hair as I did back then! Plus, I often us milk or cream in my onion sauces and dips/spreads. I think you'll be just fine so long as you don't over-do it and you are not lactose intolerant.
petitbleu July 24, 2013
Sounds like a myth to me. As a lover of dairy products and oniony foods (I have good skin, although that's probably genetic) I'd say it's safe to have milk after onions.
Maedl July 24, 2013
I've had milk or milk products after and with onions for years and it hasn't had any ill effects yet. Sounds like one of those stories that get passed down through the generations. My grandmother banned water or other liquids with popcorn. That hasn't killed me either!
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