Any ideas for using dried ghost chiles?

I bought a few at the farmers market on a whim. Now I'm skittish. A proven recipe would help! How do you like your ghost chiles?



stagneskitchen July 26, 2013
Heat them in a medium pot with a neutral oil like canola or grapeseed = infused ghost chile oil. Infused into vodka for a unique spicy spirit. Could also infuse into simple syrup for cocktail mixes.
petitbleu July 25, 2013
I would grind them (be careful--grinding can create a fine dust that will aggravate your respiratory system and eyes. Be sure to let the dust settle before opening the lid of your grinder). Then you can use a pinch whenever you want to add heat to a dish. Be careful with amounts, though: you can always add more, but you can't take out what you've already put in.
ZombieCupcake July 25, 2013
Dark Chocolate Brownies
pierino July 25, 2013
You can make your own vinegar based hot sauce. Soak them in hot water along with some other dried chiles of your choice (stem and seed first), and when they have softened after a couple of hours toss them in a blender with salt, chopped garlic and maybe a half cup of white vinegar. Liquefy. STRAIN and now you have hot sauce.
Tony S. July 25, 2013
Home defense system? Sorry, couldn't resist.
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