How can I use my fresh mint in a breakfast food?

  • Posted by: Anna
  • July 25, 2013


Super F. July 30, 2013
I am about to make fresh cherry mint almond flour pancakes this week. I will be using the same recipe as my posted peach basil pancakes. Do share what you do with the mint because I need to start using up mine too!
sara D. July 29, 2013
soft scrambled eggs with lamb sausage and mint-parsley pesto. yogurt, sliced berries, minced mint. Don't like berries? Hate yogurt? how about sliced bananas with a lime syrup, sprinkled with fresh mint chiffonade. All of these things go great with hot sweet mint tea, garnished with a slice of lime. If you need caffeine in the morning, add green tea leaves to your steeping pot.
krusher July 27, 2013
I use lots of herbs including mint from my garden in most of my savory egg dishes. I also include them in my ritual green smoothie each morning along with things like hands full of sorrel, baby spinach, young celery or lovage leaves. I save the pestos for the rest of my day.
lloreen July 27, 2013
Make a mint pesto and dab it on fried pesto is refreshing on just about everything!
Or you could spread a little on a piece of toast, top with a little cheese and a slice of tomato and toast in the oven.
andrea L. July 27, 2013
Banana-cacao-mint smoothie :) 1 banana, 2 T cacao nibs or powder, 1 cup almond milk or whatever milk you prefer, a few mint leaves and some ice cubes. Maybe some cinnamon.
PazzoNico July 26, 2013
..Or how about some kind of fruit and mint syrup for pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc. Like a strawberry and mint coulis/syrup.
PazzoNico July 26, 2013
Mint is great with eggs. Scrambled, or in a breakfast sandwich. Or an omelett/frittata.

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petitbleu July 26, 2013
Fruit salad--peaches, raspberries, honey, lime juice, and fresh mint.
Diane July 25, 2013
Make a smoothie with a frozen banana, and lots of frozen berries. If you do dairy add some plain yogurt. If not, add a splash of almond or rice milk and add about 2-3 mint leaves or more to taste. Or do a stuffed, minted French toast.
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