Uses for unripe cantaloupe

I cut open a cantaloupe that I thought was ripe but it wasn't. It doesn't taste horrible but it's not sweet. What can I do with it? My initial plan was to use it in an arugula salad (with prosciutto) but its not sweet enough. Any recipe ideas? Or should I just compost it?

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • July 28, 2013


Billy October 14, 2018
YouTube has many videos on how to pick ripe mellons. Not always foolproof but better than not knowing. I like the jam idea. Skip the pectin. Great on a toasted bagel
or stirred into some plain yogurt.
Nancy October 14, 2018
To reinforce other ideas - yes, have done the chutney & grilling, and both work wonderfully.
Grilling fruit also benefits from a sprinkling of many/most savory American rubs, like this one:
Last, haven't tried it but suspect you could do a melon pickle.
paizley February 19, 2018
Put it in the blender with sweetener, orange juice, lime juice and tequila. You'll still have a melon flavor and this is just way better than a smoothie! ;D

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AniQuadros July 31, 2013
I would grill it. Yes , when I grill pineapples, melons, avocados or any type of fruit that can be grilled sometimes they are unripe somehow it gets sweeter and wow it is good! Just sprinkle a little bit of salt and the sweetness will show up like magic. I love grilled fruits.
petitbleu July 31, 2013
Try a cantaloupe agua fresca--blend the cantaloupe with lime juice and honey or agave for sweetness. You could probably even use a mild-flavored fruit juice to sweeten it. That's too bad about the cantaloupe, though! I hate it when they have no flavor!
Daria F. July 29, 2013
I would blend it in smoothie as a thick base, also juicing it and freezing in. the ice cubes block for the future use might be good
susan G. July 28, 2013
There are chutneys made with green (unripe) mango. Try the cantaloupe in place of the mango (or in combination) in such a recipe.
Sweets July 29, 2013
These are all great ideas! Thank you!!
Frankie J. October 13, 2018
Great idea on the chutney! I came to this thread for answers, and your response got me thinking we could create a Thai spicy salad with it in the way they do with unripe mangoes. It'll be worth a try, at least!
Adianne July 28, 2013
Make melon-mango jam. Delicious!
17years July 31, 2013
Or melon lime and ginger jam...
pierino July 28, 2013
Similar to Monita; suggestion you could turn it into a "white" gazpacho with grapes and almonds.
Maedl July 28, 2013
You could do practically the same recipe above without the mangos. Add some plain yogurt. Maybe some peaches too.
Monita July 28, 2013
You could make a mango-melon soup. In a blender, puree the cantaloupe with 2 ripe mangoes; 1/2 cup-1 cup orange juice; 1/2 cup mint leaves and 2-3 tablespoons honey. Add more, juice and/or honey to get to the sweetness you desire. Chill before serving
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