recipes using black beans?

I have cans of black beans in my pantry and don't really know what to do with them. We eat meat but veg recipes are fine too. Thanks!



Daria F. July 29, 2013
I only keep black beans in a pantry to make these black beans chocolate chili cherry cookies
bigpan July 29, 2013
I made a nice potato salad last weekend with oven roasted sweet potato (yams) with black beans (rinsed), corn niblets, red onion, scallion, and bits of red pepper . I tossed it with olive oil and lime juice , s&p to taste. A pinch of cumin made it a bit tex-mex.
Cristina S. July 29, 2013
Here are two recipes I like making, particularly in the summer: and
petitbleu July 28, 2013
I love cooking black beans in a style that can only be called a white girl's attempt at Mexican-style beans. Sauté a lot of onion. More onion than you think you'll need. Add garlic--tons. Add whole cumin and coriander seeds and either a couple chipotles en adobo or some chopped jalapeños. You want the cumin and coriander to get nice and toasty. Add black beans and maybe a bit of tomato (canned or fresh). Cook until the beans are saucy and well-flavored. You may need to add stock or bean broth or water to keep the beans from sticking. This process takes about 30 minutes, but I've yet to overcook beans this way. Serve with cilantro and green onion. This is a great accompaniment to huevos rancheros or tacos or just by itself with rice.
ATG117 July 28, 2013
Oh, and black bean brownies are a healthier take on the real deal.
ATG117 July 28, 2013
This site should have a bunch of bean salad recipes you might want to take a look at. I usually take great flexibility in substituting one type of bean for another in a recipe. I also love to make black bean burgers.
JanetFL July 28, 2013
And here is the link for a favorite appetizer - simple and flavorful:
JanetFL July 28, 2013
We love black beans over rice with a squeeze of lime as a side dish to grilled pork or chicken.
Monita July 28, 2013
Black beans are a great addition to a salad - mix it with fresh corn kernels, diced red, yellow, or orange bell peppers, some freshly chopped cilantro. For a heartier salad, add in some quinoa. Make your favorite vinaigrette and toss.
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