Elderberry syrup

I just bought some elderberry syrup and have some ideas of what to do with it, but anybody have any suggestions? Will be experimenting this week!



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Maedl July 29, 2013
Put about 2 tablespoons (more or less to taste) in a glass of Prosecco or other sparkling wine. To dress it up, muddle a sprig of mint and add a slice of lime. This aperitif, known as a Hugo, is very popular in southern Germany and Austria.
SKK July 28, 2013
Search Elderflower on Food52 and you will see quite a few recipes. My favorite is from Hardlikarmour http://food52.com/recipes/18177-elderflower-julep
GavinAvery July 28, 2013
ELDERFLOWER not berry. It's been a long day!
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