Apple cider syrup

Is apple cider 'simple syrup-able'? All the recipes I've seen ask for butter and/or corn syrup. I bought a gallon of local cider and want to extend its loveliness by turning some into syrup, but without all the additional ingredients (especially corn syrup). Will reducing it with only brown sugar work?
I'm asking instead of experimenting as this is a small farm/small batch pressing - I can't just run to a megamart and buy more if it doesn't work. Thank you!

Cookin' Kim


Valhalla November 30, 2017
I've done so successfully. I believe I got the idea from Linda Ziedrich's Joy of Jams... book. Like thus:
My only problem is I tend to use too-small amounts and end up with a too-thick syrup.
inpatskitchen November 29, 2017
I found this but haven't tried it and I'm sure you could omit the cinnamon if you like:
Cookin' K. November 29, 2017
I think I bumped into that recipe while on my search. I'm thinking that since almost every recipe calls for butter, it's probably not something I can skip (at least not without consequence). I wonder - is it to keep the syrup from crystallizing, or just added flavor?
I'll go ahead and try a little 'sampler' sized amount without the butter and compare the two. I'll post the results.
Thank you, Pat, for your fast answer! I loooove this site...! 😊
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