, do you have any good suggestions for a fish dish for xmas, apart form salmon en croute



Jon P. November 26, 2010
I find fish to be a great partner for preserved lemons. Using them in some kind of sauce could make the salmon really interesting.
innoabrd November 26, 2010
I often do a whole fish stuffed with shellfish. No need to do a sea bass, any whole fish with a nice white flesh works well.

POTATO November 26, 2010
Something dramatic is always nice for a special occassion. You could cook a whole fish in salt crust. Simple to do, but a beautiful presentation, and it tastes delicious.
pierino November 26, 2010
Gravalax, which would be cured salmon as opposed to en croute. Firm fleshed fish such as black code or scallops cooked in parchment (en papillote).
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