Ideas for using up a glut of zestless limes

I have around 10kg of limes with zest removed (the zest gets dried and goes into the yummy spiceblends we make at
I could just make lots of frozen margaritas and throw a party! Any other suggestions?

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Adianne August 4, 2013
Make margaretta mix and freeze it.
Benny August 2, 2013
Gin gimlets, lime sorbet and mojitos!
MaggieRosenthal August 2, 2013
If you're gonna have a party with frozen margaritas, you could stick with the theme and make big batches of guacamole, too! I love that fresh lime taste in my guac.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 2, 2013
ceviche and margaritas party!
Kate August 4, 2013
And guac!
Robert W. August 2, 2013
For those who are trying to avoid sugar how about lime infused water??
JadeTree August 1, 2013
I second the limeade - and add mint! Add a bunch of mint to your simple syrup and let it steep until cool on the back burner. Then when you sweeten the lime juice and water - a breath of mint in each glass. Delicious. Ginger is also great.
Cristina S. August 1, 2013
You could make a batch of punch; lime goes famously with basically every liquor. Limeade (or lime "soda" with the addition of fizzy water) for the kiddos. I also love Key Lime Pie ( you can use your regular limes, and it will still taste good (just not as strong) without the zest. Or make a lime sorbet!
Meaghan F. August 1, 2013
I've frozen lime juice in ice cube trays before, perfect for pulling out to cook with or add to beverages. My first thought was lime curd; most recipes require some of the zest, though.

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jamcook August 1, 2013
If life gives you limes , make limeade !
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