Persian Dried Limes: Should Seeds be Removed?

I'm making 'My Mom's Rice' dish in Balaboosta. I got the Persian dried limes and have been reading up on how neat they are, but i thought I read SOMEwhere that the seeds are bitter and should be removed. The recipe just says to halve the dried limes and add them to the stew. Anyone? Thx much.

LeBec Fin


ariel A. March 2, 2015
All of the Persian cooks in my family usually, if not always, leave the seeds in.
Maedl March 2, 2015
If I throw the whole dried lime into a braise, I don't remove the seeds--but if I cut the lime open or pulverize it, I discard them
Nancy March 2, 2015
Not definitive but/and I''ve cooked with Persian limes a few times, had fine results just reconstituting them with water and seen nothing written about the seeds being bitter.
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