Uses for sukiyaki style sliced beef.

I've purchased some sliced beef (sukiyaki style) I need to use. It's been in the freezer.
Tonight I plan on making braised beef rolls with it. But that will still leave a lot leftover. It really can't go back in the freezer raw after I use a bit tonight.
Any suggestions for tomorrow---preferably something that would be able to vac pack and freeze after cooked.



aussiefoodie May 29, 2011
I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and they were sampling a wrap version of a Philly Cheese steak sandwich that used thinly sliced beef. Quickly cook the beef, warm a slice of Lavosh bread and melt some swiss cheese onto the bread. Top with browned thinly sliced beef and then top with roasted peppers, roll up and enjoy!
babytiger May 27, 2011
Jerky sounds good. With it already sliced, it saves you from having to cut it.

Come to think of it, it's also good for pho.
Sam1148 May 27, 2011
That's exactly what I was talking about, rolled with green beans, carrots, in the middle--soy braised. I also did a quick stir fry with onion, mushroom, cuban peppers, and oyster sauce for freezing.

I still about a 1lb of the raw meat left. I think I'll marinate them overnight and make jerky tomorrow.
It was pretty lean cut, sliced very thin--and a bit, it's probably good for jerky, no?
babytiger May 26, 2011
I was thinking on the line of Shabu Shabu as well. Chinese hot pot and fondue are similar options.

Another dish I was thinking about is Negimaki, Japanese beef rolls. The versions I've seen usually has scallion in the middle, but you can use other vegetables such as asparagus. I don't know if that is too similar to the braised beef rolls you've made already though.
SKK May 26, 2011
Wow, this is interesting. When I worked in Japan I became addicted to Shabu Shabu, which is a communal pot of broth and everyone puts in their beef or chicken and vegetables and noodles a little at a time and dips out and enjoys. This has been my go to receipe You could do this tomorrow night, and then freeze what is cooked. It won't be as much fun the second time around, and it will still be good.
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