Can I use a Pickle Crisp product instead of pickling lime?

I'm experimenting for the first time with zucchini pickles and all the recipes seem to call for pickling lime, which naturally I do not have in my stores. Does anyone know if I can omit the lime but instead add the Pickle Crisp upon canning? Thank you!



Ruby H. July 31, 2020
I need to know how to substitute Pickle Crisp Granules for pickling lime. to make cinnamon cucumber pickles.
Neta W. September 4, 2020
I too need to know how to substitute granules for pickling lime. The jar has no instructions. I have always used Mrs. Wages pickling lime but have been unable to locate it this year.
ukimmeru August 4, 2013
Thank you!
ChefOno August 4, 2013

Pickling lime (calcium hydroxide) should be available at your local Mexican market where it's known simply as "Cal" but the process is laborious and dangerous if you don't get it right. Ball's Pickle Crisp (calcium chloride) is safe and easy to use.

You can read a little more about firming agents here:

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