What is the difference between the different kinds of heirloom tomatos?

I have seen the so-called Ugly tomatoes called heirloom. I have also seen orange colored and yellow colored tomatoes being called heirloom. I recall eating some nicely shaped heirlooms a while ago but now they don't sell those anymore. How true "heirloomy" are the ugly tomatoes? If so are there geographical varieties that are better than others?



smslaw August 5, 2013
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tomato varieties grown all around the world. A good working definition of "heirloom" is simply any open pollinated (not hybrid) variety the seeds of which have been saved and handed down over the years.
Some, but by no means all, yellow or orange tomatoes may be heirlooms, but many are hybrids. If you grow a tomato and like it, and it isn't a hybrid, you can save the seeds and make it your own heirloom.
Jen! August 5, 2013
My experience is that the flavor is pretty different in the various varieties. Sampled alone, they might just taste like a tomato, but if you buy a few varieties and set up a "tasting", you will notice pretty substantial differences in texture, sweetness and acidity. Some are better raw, while others are better for sauces, etc.
Monita August 5, 2013
Here's a good source for info on heirloom tomatoes
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