Cast Iron Grill

Afternoon! I have a cast iron grill pan (, which I love, but I'm having a hard time keeping it seasoned. I've been working at it the same way I seasoned my cast iron skillet (which is doing great), but this grill, not so much. Should I strip it and start over? Any tips for keeping it seasoned (verses the skillet? I'm assuming the ridging is part of the problem). Thanks!



Sam1148 August 8, 2013
Use a Plastic loose netting scoring pad and your salt.
healthierkitchen August 8, 2013
I have had the same problem. I just bought an OXO grill pan brush which I hope will help with the "scrubbing" as I find that my regular pad doesn't get into the ridges. Supposedly this will. Haven't tried it yet, but if it works well, I'll let you know.
Anastasia August 8, 2013
How often do you reseason it?
Trena H. August 8, 2013
That's frustrating Anastasia. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. I like vegetable oils for my cast iron, olive oil in my experience can leave a film. This may be due to its low smoke point. I'm not sure. I remember my grill taking years to really become non stick. Mine is lodge brand also and it was pre-seasoned as I recall. Perhaps another food 52er can bring some wisdom to your situation. Good luck!
Anastasia August 8, 2013
I'll try vegetable oil, although I don't have it on hand. I'm willing to try anything at this point.
Anastasia August 8, 2013
Yes, it's preseasoned, but I didn't take that to actually mean anything, so I seasoned it with oive oil (which I cook with), and hen I tried vegetable oil. And no, I never use soap and water, just water and Kosher salt if I have to do so.
Trena H. August 8, 2013
I love my cast iron grill 20 years later, however I remember having some early issues as well. Did you buy it pre-seasoned? Do you wash it in soapy water? If you do, don't. What type of oil or cooking spray do you use when cooking?
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