? Baking schedule for party?

I am baking a layer cake with buttercream frosting for a party on Saturday. How should I schedule baking/ frosting the cake so I don't have to cook on Saturday?



Monita August 12, 2013
Great - good luck with it
prandial August 12, 2013
This is exactly what I needed -- thank you so much for your help!!!
Monita August 11, 2013
You can bake the cake layers in advance and freeze them. Just defrost day before. You can make the butter cream 2 days in advance. Take it out of the fridge a-2 hours before you want to use it so it comes to room temp. You may need to whisk it for 30 seconds if it seems broken apart. So all you will need to do on Saturday is put everything together. 1) assemble the layers and then put a thin coat of buttercream on the outside to create a "crumb" coat. Put in the fridge for 30 min and then finish frosting the outside. You can keep the frosted cake in the fridge until the party but remove it from the fridge at least 15-20 min before serving so it's not too cold
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