Good recipes for a football team

I know that's weird but they need some new meals



lloreen August 16, 2013
Is this a party you are throwing? Or a regular event? In college, I knew a football player who went onto the NFL. He would load his tray with enormous piles of meat and veggies...and go back for seconds. He probably ate more in one dinner than I ate in a week. But he was a linebacker and about 6'7 or something. It is probably different for other types of athletes. Though with teenage boys....they can probably eat just about anything as long as there is lots of protein.
Are you paying for this? Maybe chili because you can mix meat and beans (yeah I know it's not classic Texan style, but its cheaper)
Sam1148 August 15, 2013
No dairy, No Fried, No Chips? Are you SURE this is a Football team?

Okay, Grilled Halibut (or Chicken breasts) with a Chimichuri sauce, Green beans with olive oil and bread crumbs, Rice and Wild Rice mix. A side mixed salad.
Picholine August 15, 2013
Cowboy spaghetti all done ahead in one pan the twist is more of a Mexican flavor with smoked tomatoes and cheddar cheese. Lots ground beef I can add recipe if you want. Not sure how New to this site
bugbitten August 14, 2013
One word: sliders.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 14, 2013
What have you been serving?
Taco Bar with all the fixings, Flank Steak with corn on the cob, Chicken burgers with vinegar-based slaw. My personal large group casual entertaining is kebabs (chicken, pork or beef) with a some salads chips and a big 'ol watermelon and Italian ices.
pierino August 14, 2013
Would that be American "gridiron" football or the real football? You know, the game the rest of the world plays. American football is all about 5 seconds of violence followed by 25 seconds of chat. In the real football the game is played in actual real time and in fact the ball is picked up and thrown more often than it is kicked in American "football".
Catherine August 14, 2013
AMERICAN football it's high school football
SMSF August 15, 2013
Pierino, curious -- what difference does it make as far as suggesting menus/recipes?
pierino August 15, 2013
SMSF, soccer players have different physiques than American football players (although some have thighs like tree trunks). For one thing they run non stop with no protective gear other than shin guards. In American football players bulk up because all they do is smash into each other for an endless amount of time. A soccer match lasts no more than two hours where the Super Bowl takes as long as a cricket match. A soccer pre-game or post-game meal would be heavy on carbs. That's why the Italians are so good at the game---all that pasta.
loubaby August 14, 2013
I make pans of burger meat (with mushrooms, onions etc for juiciness); template cut into burger sizes; when ready to cook I grill as many as needed; bun, secret sauce!...delicious...I do add cheese and bacon on grill as well, but not necessary...feeds a crowd..if you want the full recipe, just email me I also roll hot dogs(cut in thirds) with partially cooked bacon pieces; --bake...--again, I can't remember the exact recipe here, but interested, give me a shout. Pepper, bacon and egg ciabatta sandwiches are always welcome. Cooks Illustrated has a great marinade for sirloin steak...called Sirloin Steak Worcestershire....everyone loves that one...especially men...gotta run
ATG117 August 13, 2013
Pasta! A corn salad of some interesting variety (many on the site), large green salad with good caesar or green goddess dressing
Catherine August 13, 2013
No dairy no fried food no chips
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