Can you make the marshmallows without the moonshine and still have the consistency be the same?

Sarah D
  • Posted by: Sarah D
  • August 15, 2013
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Moonshine Marshmallows
Recipe question for: Moonshine Marshmallows

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SeaJambon August 15, 2013
Yes. Use a teaspoon of vanilla in place of the moonshine to give it a nice vanilla flavor as the moonshine only appears to be in there for flavor -- oh, and add it at the end after whipping, just whip one additional minute after adding the vanilla. Since it is (relatively speaking, with regard to all the other quantities) a substantial addition of a liquid of a type (alcohol) that actually degrades whipping a bit, you will likely find that your consistency is improved by removing it, and that you will have a lighter, fluffier, taller marshmallow as a result.
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