how do you make a omelette



Greenstuff November 27, 2010
Julia Child's show on making omelets is a classic! Google it, watch, and practice.
Pat E. November 27, 2010
This is french style...not puffy ameican style. Mix 2-3 large eggs with a tablespoon or so of water. Pour into a 10" non-stick sloped sided pan well coated with very hot, almost sizzling butter. Over pretty high heat, keeping the pan on the stove grill, keep swirling and shaking the pan until all the egg has had contact with the pan surface but is still moist. Put your scant filling(s) on one side and jerk/flip the opposite side over the filling and slide onto a warm plate. A rubber spatula can also help here. The whole thing should take less than 3 minutes. I hope that helps.
nutcakes November 27, 2010
Hello, please use foodpickle for cook's emergencies, substitutions and for when you need some brainstorming. This isn't a recipe database or a How To site. For omelette making, I'm sure there are some tutorials online as well as videos (I don't know any particular to reccomend, sorry.) GIYF
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