Bulk Eggs Usage

Hi All: I have a box of about more than dozen and half eggs that are inching close to be almost a month old (Best use by date on cartoon is April 24th).

I tried to make scramble eggs with 2 eggs to see how they would hold up but they fell flat/weren't fluffy and I had to throw away the plate.

I don't want to throw away the entire box of eggs (food waste/waste of money/etc) and I know they are still good (in theory) - so my question to you all is what is the best way to use up a large amount of them so that I can get the most of them. Was thinking of making Spanish omelettes but open to other ideas.

(Ps lesson learned about buying eggs in bulk and not using them up quickly enough!) Thank you in advance!



Foodie May 19, 2016
And because you had your eggs for a while, make sure their still fresh and safe to eat, I would cook all of the egg and not risk eating any of them raw or undercook
Foodie May 19, 2016
Some suggestions:
1. check to ensure your eggs are fresh, use your guardian chef's method
2. To make an easy protein meal with eggs, first, seperate egg whites from egg yolks and use only egg white and scramble in some tofu to make a good and healthy protein breakfast :)
3. You can use egg yolks to make mayonaise, fyi, most store brough mayo are made of soy oil which can be unhealthy. Just search up a recipe using egg yolk and olive or avacado oil to make fresh mayo
4. MAKE KEISH with left lver vegetables and eggs!!!!
ktr May 19, 2016
I wouldn't worry about using them up in the next few days. You will know when you crack open an egg if it has gone bad.
If you really want to use them all up in one shot, I'd suggest pickling them. Then, invite some friends over for burgers and beer.
Sam1148 May 18, 2016
Get some premade pie dough...or make one yourself. And make a couple of quiches. They'll freeze fairly well. Use foil pie tins so you can freeze the entire thing and then thaw and reheat in the oven.
HalfPint May 18, 2016
With the yolks, make challah bread.

With the whites, chocolate angel food cake. Here's a good one from Rose Levy Beranbaum,http://www.thespicedlife.com/2009/12/chocolate-angel-food-cake.html
Tashipluto May 18, 2016
Hard boil them. It's easier to peel older eggs anyway, and you can make some egg salad!
702551 May 18, 2016
There's no need to use them all up immediately.

One option is to separate all the yolks from the whites. They're probably more handy if they are not all plopped together as eighteen yolks and eighteen whites, but packed in small portions.

The yolks can be used for things like custards, pasta, etc. The whites can be used for clarifying stock, meringues, etc.

I've used ice cube trays in the past to freeze individual egg whites, I'm sure something similar could be done with the yolks.

Good luck.
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