I tossed some sliced tomatos to re-pickle in my favorite brine after the pickles were gone. How long will they be good for in the fridge?

re-using pickle brine

Judi Dupree


Rberg August 18, 2013
You are welcome. I really enjoy this site!
RespectThePastry August 18, 2013
Rberg thanks for the 2 cents! I was mostly taking a stab at an answer. I hate to see posts go without some information. I will keep this in mind for the future!
Rberg August 18, 2013
Actually the salt in the brine should help keep the tomatoes from going bad, in the way that it will keep new cucumbers placed in the brine to pickle. These are like refrigerator pickles which last quite a long time in the fridge, again because of the brine.
RespectThePastry August 18, 2013
Well since the process of tossing tomatoes in brine does not allow for any of the sterilization that a technical pickling process does your tomatoes will last about as long as a normal sliced tomato in the fridge will last. So about a week give or take a few days?
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