In need of an authentic green mexican chili sauce any ideas

making mexican food but I can get the nice authentic flavor for my sauce right any body have some tips ?

Mr Royal


David August 21, 2013
The state of New Mexico is famous for Green Chile Sauce. Perhaps like parts of Texas with their chili recipes every family has their secret recipe but the key ingredient is the Hatch green chiles which happen to be in season now and if you were driving in New Mexico you could smell them roasting at roadside stands. Many specialty grocery stores carry Hatch chiles this time of year or you can use Anaheim in their place. You might google recipes for New Mexico Green Chile sauce and look through different ones. It's a historic part of our cuisine/culture.
aargersi August 21, 2013
This is my version - creamy and spicy:
healthierkitchen August 20, 2013
lastnightsdinner has a terrific roasted green chile and tomatillo salsa embedded within this recipe:
Stephanie G. August 20, 2013
If you are looking for a green salsa, we grill tomatillos, onion, and garlic and then puree in the Cuisinart with lime juice, salt, and cilantro to taste. I usually use about a lb of tomatillo and 1 large onion.
Mr R. August 20, 2013
Yes a chile verde sauce that I can just add to almost anything , but i think I got what i was missing instead of boiling the tomatoes and chilies I have to roast them for the smoke flavor
HalfPint August 20, 2013
Can you be more specific about the green chili sauce? What are you planning to use it for? Is it a chile verde sauce?
savorthis August 20, 2013
If you are referring to the luscious green chili that is slathered over all sorts of mexican dishes, then this one looks close to what I used to make at a restaurant here in Denver: (Please note they now use masa to thicken instead of flour). This kind of sauce seems very particular to Colorado and people have mad crazy passionate views on who makes the best green- so this is not an endorsement for Sam' just seems like a good version to try and tweak if needed.
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