Do you sell linen napkins,similar to your tea towels? Not a cooking chicken question,but important to my table!!

Actually looking for the linen napkins shown in Smitten Kitchen on August 22,with the Peach dessert.



Qasim December 14, 2014
We sell them. Interested ?
Pegeen August 25, 2013
I buy good quality white napkins because I can bleach them for stains. (Any good cooking or restaurant supply store will have them, and department stores.) A cotton & linen blend holds up pretty well.

Plain white might not be the most stylish match for every placemat or tablecloth, but that only matters for about 2 minutes when everyone is sitting down, since it’s going under the table, in the person’s lap, for the rest of the meal. I never feel badly about wiping tomato sauce off my mouth with a white napkin. But I always feel sad when my host has colored napkins that can’t be bleached, because of the laundering drudgery that will come after. It almost makes you feel obliged to use the cuff of your shirt instead.
Merrill S. August 24, 2013
We don't carry linen napkins at the moment, but we will soon! Do you happen to know who makes the napkins you're referring to so we can look into possibly sourcing them?
Amanda H. August 24, 2013
We don't sell them -- yet! We'll keep an eye out for them. Thanks for letting us know you like them. We'd love to hear about any other kitchen and home goods you like.
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