I really love this recipe, but making it all in one day is a bit much. Can I make a huge batch of the chili paste and freeze it for later use? Wha...

...t would be the best way to freeze it

A Bowl of Red
Recipe question for: A Bowl of Red


Monita August 25, 2013
You can do it the ice cube tray but would only do it that way if you wanted to defrost small portions. If you're going to use the whole thing for the chili then you might as well do it in one ziplock
WannabeBaker August 25, 2013
On wonderful! Would it be OK to maybe freeze them in individual portions in an ice cube tray first and then to put them all in a zip lock bag, or would that let too much air in? Maybe I should just freeze one portion per one small sandwich baggie so I can press all the air out?
Merrill S. August 25, 2013
This is a great idea, and I'm sure others will be happy to know they can do this. Thanks for asking this question!
Monita August 25, 2013
Yes you can freeze it. Make sure it's room temp before freezing. You can freeze it in an air tight freezer safe container or a ziplock bag. If you use a ziplock bag, make sure all the air is out before closing
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