Fish tacos

Looking for a great fish taco recipe with some sort of slaw. Any suggestions?

Madame Sel


Sam1148 August 27, 2013
Try them with the salsa in this recipe. Along with the slaw. Marinade the fish strips in lime and garlic then fry them; either dusted in corn meal, a mix of corn meal and crushed saltines is good on some fried fish
beejay45 August 26, 2013
For my fish tacos, I season the fish with lime juice and garlic before frying in coconut oil -- no batter or coating. I use a hot pepper slaw, but kimchi really rocks the fish taco, too.
ATG117 August 25, 2013
I love Daphne Oz's fish taco recipe:
pierino August 25, 2013
The history of the fish taco begins in Mexico but owes its popularity to Southern California surfers (mostly from San Diego). It's now really more American than Mexican. Think of a taco in the same way you would think of a sandwich. There aren't many boundries. You will need good, firm fleshed, white fish---local preferred. In SoCal the fish would be chopped (possibly lightly breaded---or not), pan fried or cooked on flat top, dumped into a corn tortilla with your preferred condiments; lime yes, chopped cabbage, avocado, crema (maybe or maybe not, it doesn't really go that well with fish). A couple of drops of hot sauce can't hurt---even Sriracha, another thing that SoCal's surfer culture helped popularize. If you are Roy Choi you might substitute kimchi for the chopped cabbage.
David August 25, 2013
I like my fish tacos with sliced avocado, a vinegar-style slaw and crema. For the crema I use 1 part sour cream, 1 part heavy cream and a squeeze of lime. For the slaw I like the following recipe but I cut the garlic in half, reduce the oil to the same amount as lime juice and add a teaspoon of honey or sugar.
Monita August 25, 2013
You can't go wrong with Merrill's fish taco recipe
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