How to store chorizo

I bought a small dried looking sausage ( 10-12 inches long) sealed in a plastic bag.Is it dried enough to be shelf stable ? I am sure once I cut it it must be refrigerated,right? It was not refrigerated when I bought it.It was in a barrell display with many other chorizos.

  • Posted by: CHeeb
  • August 26, 2013


beejay45 August 26, 2013
CHeeb, if it's in a casing, mold on the outside isn't an issue. Cured meats are pretty sturdy. ;)
CHeeb August 26, 2013
Many thanks for the advice. I did buy this from Earth Fare,so I think I'll be OK leaving it in the package until cutting it.Apparently some chorizo gets fuzzy mold the Spaniards wipe off with an olive oil dipped paper towel and continue to eat.I plan to eat mine before that happens.
beejay45 August 26, 2013
If they were sold unrefrigerated, and the merchant was reputable, then it seems logical that they could be stored at room temp (within reason, of course) until they have been opened/cut into. As pierino says, they are cured to render them shelf stable, and if they're hard, they're pretty stable. Good plan to refrigerate once you've cut into them, however.
pierino August 26, 2013
Freezing is a bad way to treat any cured sausage. Refrigeration is okay once you cut into it. But here are the other factors and questions. Is it fully cured? Then yes, it is shelf stable. Is it semi-cured, as in slightly soft (good for cooking)? In the latter case just rewrap and refrigerate but these are going to be a bit more perishable. Personally I love morcilla and sobrasada but I would never consider freezing them. Ever tasted frozen pepperoni? It sucks! Sausages are cured for a reason, preservation.
David August 26, 2013
If you don't have plans to use it right away or even if you plan to use it a little at a time I would freeze it. I doubt freezing will harm it in any way and will give you the longest preservation.
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